So, who am I?

I’m a guy…or a girl…or an Orola. Nobody really knows. Perhaps I’m a nobody…I don’t know, but I do have feet so I must at least be a  some body.

I like playing games and I like programming games.

I made this one, Starbike, to have a bit of fun. Some people knows what that means and they’ll hopefully get a kick out of it – everyone else will still be able to enjoy the game though…and I hope you do too.

To contact me, with feedback, lawsuits or free doughnuts, use e-mail: staarb1ke@gmail.com



One Response to About

  1. Paul Curtis says:

    Nice remake, from the man, who as a young boy, coded the original in a bedroom using nothing more than a ZX Spectrum 48K, an assembler, a cassette deck, and some spare time.

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